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Find out more about specific areas of interest and expertise to support you on your therapeutic journey.

Pre-trial Therapy

Prior to early 2022, victims of crime (and disproportionately sexual violence) were often prevented from accessing therapy and other psychological support for concerns that it could taint recall and therefore adversely interfere with criminal proceedings.

This is no longer the case.

Updated guidance from the CPS now recognises the potential harm caused by delaying support to victims of crime and better understands the impact of trauma on those exposed to the criminal justice system.

Having completed specialist training and working with those directly impacted by violent crime, I am able to support you in all stages of your journey. This includes the possibility of liaising directly with various members of the CJS and attending court as a professional witness.

Please get in touch to discuss this in more detail if this is a service you are interested in.

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Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Having worked directly with women in refuge, and men and women in community settings, I have an in depth understanding of both the practical and emotional impact that DA and SV can cause. This includes extensive experience working with childhood sexual abuse and the long lasting impact this can have.

Working together we can create a safe space in which to explore your experiences and support you in re-building your confidence and self-esteem and discover joy and meaning in your life.


Self-harm, or non-suicidal self injurous behaviours are often viewed as a problem to be solved. Having worked extensively with adolescents and adults across different gender, culture and socio-economic backgrounds, I view self-harm not as a problem but as an attempt to cope with a problem. 

I work in a harm reduction manner which aims to explore the ways in which self-harm has helped you cope with what life has thrown at you, and then explore different ways to achieve this if you decide that is what you want to do. I will never ask you to stop or 'promise' that you won't self-harm between sessions as this is not effective and adds to the guilt and shame that often already accompany self-injurous behaviour.

If you want support with your own or someone else's self-harm, get in touch to discuss in more detail how therapy might be able to help.

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

The deep wounds that are caused by any childhood trauma, but by CSA in particular, can take a long time to heal. I can offer you safe, reliable, and consistent support in this journey, whether you have been impacted directly or have a loved one who has been.

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If you work for an agency or business and would like bespoke training on any of the above topics, please get in touch to find out more. Training can be facilitated in person and online to suit a range of organisation types and sizes.

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