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Children & Young People


Counselling sessions are also available for young people aged 13+, who may be experiencing a number of difficulties, including:

  • Bullying or abuse

  • Childhood trauma

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Self-harm

  • Eating disorders

  • Substance misuse

  • Exam stress

  • Confidence and low self-esteem concerns

Using a mixture of talking therapy and creative methods, I can work with your child or adolsecent to determine the source of their difficulties and work with them to build coping strategies and improve well-being.

It is important to note that young people aged 13 and over have the same rights over their information as adults, meaning I will not share any content of our work together with parents/carers or other professionals without the consent of the young person, unless there is a safeguarding concern or immediate risk of harm.

Sessions are availble during and after school, and during school holidays. 

Adolescents tend to benefit from one 50 minute session per week, as with adults. Younger teenagers may prefer to have two, 30 minute sessions each week to increase their comfort and familiarity with the counselling setting, and to aid the development of the therapeutic relationship. 

Children and young people's counselling is charged at the same rate as adult sessions - £50 per session. Low cost sessions at £35 may be available on request.


Reports on a young person's progress and topics of concern can be provided, with the young person's consent, for a number of reasons, including; accessing additional support in school, for probation or youth offending teams, for social services etc. Reports for a specific purpose cost £50 and can take up to 28 days to prepare. A young person can request a copy of their notes at any time and at no cost. A parent/carer cannot access as young person's notes without their explicit consent.

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